About me

Hello thank you for visiting my site. Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Emma and I'm country raised gal looking to have an awesome adventure here in the city of brotherly love. Now when I say country raised I really mean it I grew up in a quaint little town named Butler. Butler is surrounded by farms and mountains, and map wise it's about 40 minutes North of Pittsburgh Pa. I believe in the good old days where being kind and respectful is not nothing out of the ordinary. When you're around me you'll find that it's refreshing to have someone that's truly honest, genuine, kind and respectful at all times and is not looking to be rewarded for giving the very basic elements of being good person. I know that there's not too many providers out this way with those qualities. So if you're tired of these providers that are city raised who have been tainted and desensitized from being able to provide you with quality companionship or you're just tired of expecting a real person who will honor the full amount of time as well as the type of service you were promised and not pop, drop and roll then look no further. With me I will always promise excellent service and every second of whatever time that was agreed on prior to my arrival. I believe in providing excellent service over quantity any day. Well thank you for reading about me and I hope to hear from you soon. -Emma